About Jeff

Well, hello there! We’ve been expecting you. My name is Jeff Holland, and I’m looking forward to being your personal guide through amazing adventures in rhythm. I’ve got a great tour itinerary scheduled for us, and you’re just in time to help me get started.

We have been planning this dream for a while. We wanted a site that helps us to archive great percussion and drum lessons in an easy-to-use interactive format. We’re under major construction right now, and we appreciate your patience while we are getting everything into place. You know what they say about professional drummers, right? “Timing is everything in OUR business.” I hope the timing is good for you to enjoy learning from and practicing along with some of our favorite lessons, AND this is also a great opportunity to share some of your experiences with us!

Let us know if you’ve ever learned a new skill online. Maybe you’re like me, and constantly research lots of new ideas through youtube and other sites already. If it’s related to drums, drummers and drumming then we want you to share it with us on our SHARE THE RHYTHM page.

We’ll have video lessons rolling in momentarily, and we’ll also be set up to do interviews and private video lessons for those interested outside our local area.

We hope you enjoy our dedication to sharing the rhythms we know and love, and we are looking forward to hearing how your progress in the world of rhythm is going!

Is everybody ready to play? It’s as easy to learn and share as…

DRUM _________ 2 _________ 3 _________ 4 _________!!!!

Boom   Chicka   Boom   Boom   Takadimi   Goon   Doon   GoDoPaTa… Splash!

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Sharing Rhythms