Jack ’n’ Jaze BBQ at DRUM234

Jack Ryan (The Markus King Band) & Jaze Uries (Stereo Reform) explored some ideas in DRUM234 STUDIOS today. Both of these guys are amazing drummers, and they have such different styles to play that well together. I love just watching and hearing them through the camera. Definitely got my lesson doubled today! Thanks guys! Keep the rhythms going!

The legendary Yonrico Scott let me borrow his djembe to jam a little during his drum solo with Laura Reed’s Band.

Okay. No picture on this post, because I’m only sharing it to prove a point. Lesson learned is that no matter where you are or how you feel, you should always be ready to play on whatever you have at your disposal. AND… you’ve got to be prepared to give it your all and leave the audience wanting more. I felt very honored to be invited to sit in as s special guest, and I tried to hang in there as best I could.

If you want to see some raw footage from the Gottsrocks’ jams, click here. Please pay particular attention to the drummer on your right. You can imagine his solo without the djembe rolls, right? Let’s please keep this one to ourselves. Don’t share, but you can say you did.