Conga Heel/Toe patterns, Tumbao, stick balance-building exercises, 3 against 2 polyrhythm

Yessir. We were all over the place in this lesson. Many thanks to Andy for inspiring such diverse topics during our first meeting. I’ve wanted to share some of these ideas in separate lessons, and maybe I’ll get to that later. However, if I post some ideas as we go along, then at least it will remind me what I need to expand on in future videos. Feel free to leave comments here, or email me directly at

Hope this inspires some new directions!


Jamming @ The Shane Pruitt Band CD release party

All three of these musicians are in my top five favorites to play with of all time. I was honored when they asked me to sit in, jam and record on their second CD,

The Shane Pruitt Band “State of Grace.” Buy it now on cdbaby!

Here is a video I found in the archives of their CD release party. Oh yeah, it was a party all right! Anytime these guys get together, there are miles of smiles and dancing in the aisles.

Click here to see the video of us at The HubBub Showroom in Spartanburg, SC

I’m sitting in with Moyuba at the HandleArt and Music Show.

Click here to see the video. Kane Stanley, Ryan Wendel and Sven (please help me with his last name) performing as Moyuba. I don’t know what I was doing in the middle of their performance, but it was sure a lot of fun! They inspired me to dig deeper into the Caribbean and discover traditional drumming through natural blood, sweat and tears. Valdas Kotovas filmed and edited this video.