Troy Jones “Triplet Accent Grid over Ostinato Foot Patterns” at Drum234 Studios

I had a great time hanging out with Troy Jones. Actually, he came straight into Drum234 Studios, and he got to work. This accent grid is something I use all the time, but he gave it more musicality. He definitely inspired me to review my grid, and start practicing it over my favorite tunes. Hope you have fun with this one.

Make sure to catch Troy playing live with one of his many projects in the upstate and beyond. Look for him behind Stereo Reform, Kelly Jo, Phat Lip, Kentucky Gentlemen’s Band, Earsight, The Lackies, Sly Sparrow, Darby Wilcox, and many more groups.

Keep track of him here, there, and yonder: Troy Jones Facebook page

DrumStrong 2015

DrumForCures is hosting DrumStrong 2015 May 8-9. Drum4work, Our World Festival & DRUM234 have always been a part of helping promote healthy rhythms of life. DrumStrong is a great way to internationally drum to BEAT cancer. Everyone knows someone who has battled with cancer and loss, and together with many other organizations across the globe, we will do our best to raise awareness, provide support, and send healing vibrations to those struggling and also those who have passed. Drum with us this weekend with great intentions, and together we can make OUR WORLD a better place to Live, Work & Play!

Sharing Rhythms

Sharing Rhythms

Jack ’n’ Jaze BBQ at DRUM234

Jack Ryan (The Markus King Band) & Jaze Uries (Stereo Reform) explored some ideas in DRUM234 STUDIOS today. Both of these guys are amazing drummers, and they have such different styles to play that well together. I love just watching and hearing them through the camera. Definitely got my lesson doubled today! Thanks guys! Keep the rhythms going!